Here’s my 7-minute short film score interpretation for CGI animated short film, “One Small Step” by Taiko Studios:

Taiko Studios is a promising Japanese film studio. You should check them out here.

You can find the original video here.

The score itself was created using the Cubase 10 DAW. It took me about 30 – 40 hours in the timespan of a month to complete all the mixing/mastering, synching, and actually composing the piece. Hope you like it!

Original Video Game Soundtracks

Ever played anything from the Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Brothers, or Megaman? All tracks listed below are inspired from these games, as well as less common shoot ’em ups including Ikaruga and Mushihimesama.

“Last Wish”

“Crossfire” and “Chase” took roughly 3 days each to compose. “Last Wish” was about one week. I made these pieces with Cubase 10.

Original Songs

Here’s an original song I composed in about a week for a MUSI 341 course (Advanced Digital Recording):

“My Fantasy”

I collaborated with an wonderful singer whose name I will not reveal for privacy purposes to create this piece. The entire project involved recording with standard studio equipment (pop filter, condensor mics, etc.), scheduling times/planning, editing, compression, EQ, panning, mixing, and last but not least, mastering.

This was the initial plan for the song, even though it changed over the course of production:

Graphic Design Work


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